The CDL Podcast is an online audio show about what it is like to be a professional driver in today’s modern world. From conceptualization to implementation I created this podcast because over the years I have come to realize how important that getting accurate and timely information to the drivers I share the road with.

In January of 2014, I began working on developing a concept of delivering this show in the form of a podcast. I get the stories and photos for the show during my daily commute between my home terminal and wherever that day’s journey takes me. I travel all through the United States on a daily and weekly basis. My goal is to run the show as my full-time business and record it daily/weekly in my home office.

Recording a podcast while driving is not possible due to “distracted driving” laws. Even touching any electronic devices can earn you a fine and even termination in some companies. The pictures and videos you see as I drive are taken from various devices I have both inside and outside of the vehicles I drive. I record everything you hear for the podcasts in my home office where I am free from the distractions of the road. I decided to give this podcast a try after I found Jack Spirko’s The Survival Podcast. He started his show in a similar way.

The guiding concepts of The CDL Podcast are based on include:
  1. Use personal experience combined with real-world experiences to relay to the professional driver why this is important & is something that they should pay attention to. 
  2. Protect the public from bad driving practices by teaching others advanced and proven driving methods that can make the professional driver safer and an asset to both their companies and themselves. 
  3. Teach drivers the driving rules for their location. There are a lot of drivers out there that are unaware of what is really the and what is actually safe versus what are daily unsafe practices. I have witnessed some of the best reputations in safety companies hiring poor drivers too. 
  4. Show drivers that through situational awareness and general observation that they can learn “what’s wrong with this picture” and take their driving to the professional and safe level that they strive for and the general public deserves. 
  5. No matter what the so-called experts tell you, what you do does matter and you do control your own destiny. Live life to the fullest and understand that you have more control over your life than anyone or anything else.

-=Tim Favreau=-